Our Tools

Some examples

Elusis Solution Tank®
Create and coach groups made up of top and middle managers in intra and inter-businesses. Together, they analyze operational situations with colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds. Within a structured framework, they develop creative and new solutions and expand their professional skills.

Moderated by a coach, these groups find solutions and enable each other to:

  1. Benefit from new insights given by peers with similar problems
  2. Sharpen their analysis and confront it with other professionals
  3. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their approaches within the discussed context
  4. Leave with possible solutions, not just trends of thought

We provide you with the number of coaches needed, 1-2 days per month, either within the company or in our premises. Employees, on a voluntary basis, make an appointment with a coach, without being obliged to inform their hierarchy. They work on a topic concerning them for a 90 minute session. They thus will have the capacity to solve their problems and challenges in real time without waiting.

This highly flexible arrangement:

  1. Encourages them in their own initiative to seek outside, neutral help without having to resort to lengthy administrative procedures
  2. Allows them to work with a variety of coaches
  3. Breaks their sense of isolation and loneliness
  4. Encourages "quick wins" and saves time on finding solutions
  5. Promotes a process of learning and continuous professional development

A personality and communication tool that facilitates the decoding strategies for individual or collective success. The tool is convincing as it is pragmatic and quick to use in complex managerial contexts.

In individual coaching, the STRUCTOGRAM ® allows the client to work on the consistency between the natural profile of a person and his/her management methods. In group coaching the STRUCTOGRAM ® helps to identify a team’s profile, to analyze tensions, success strategies, blockages or even failures.

The STRUCTOGRAM ® also helps decode cultural trends and is relevant as a tool for diversity.

The STRUCTOGRAM ® was developed by Rolf W. Schirm , a German anthropologist and Dr. Paul D. MacLean, a neurobiologist and brain specialist . Continuously updated, this tool has been translated into several languages.

We gather 15 to 150 people around a common topic to create a collective vision, to transform a concept into action, overcome resistances to change. Participants create their own agenda of the event by providing themes and create brainstorming workshops. This methodology promotes the emergence of the collective potential of a group and is a demonstration of the effectiveness of structured diversity.