Our teaching approach

Our educational biases/choices

We connect individual performance with collective intelligence by combining talents and developing effective connections/networks with relevant tools.

Based on the founding principles of adult education, we have developed interactive activities (experiential workshops , individual development itineraries, collective games , pairs of peers, operational action plans etc.).

We use proven techniques and innovative tools : Elusis Solution Tank ® , Structogram ® , Open Space Technology, World Café etc.

We anchor your learning and unconscious knowledge through teaching detour (choral singing workshops , theater, out of context stories relative to the world of business : alpine mountain climbing etc.).

We illustrate the work themes by bringing in business experts and witnesses.

6 educational principles for adults

Recognize experience and know-how
Adults have specific experience and know-how. They feel they know a lot and they are right. It is important to use this knowledge as a lever to work on change.

Create connections with their operational reality
Adults need to understand / feel the impact on their operational reality. Sessions are always "debriefed" within the context of their operational reality.

Living and practicing the experience
The educational anchoring becomes even stronger when the participants are the actors of their experience. We thus alternate interactive sequences for simulation, analysis and expert interventions.

Rhythm and mesh the different sequences
Rhythm prevents boredom, gives strength to the integration of knowledge. We aim to explore multiple levels of integration: intellectual, emotional and operational.

Spark creativity
Adults refuse ready-made "recipes" and "models". It is important to enable/allow them to find their own solutions to face their complex situations.

Strengthen the desire to transmit /teach
Adults love to share their experiences and pass them on. We therefore invite you to share and transmit by becoming an inspiring model.