The coach agrees to keep strictly confidential the identity of the person being coached, the coaching goals and the content of the sessions. The coach will release no information on the subject, whether within the company or outside. All exchanges or sharing of information with the institutional representative will be made only in the presence of the coachee or with his consent and within the limits agreed between the coach and coachee. The only exceptions to this confidentiality clause concerns facts identified by the coach that could put the coachee or a person in his entourage, in physical or moral danger (such as a drug or alcohol addiction or harassment). The coach then reserves the right to inform the institutional representative of the organization.

Respect of the coachee

The coach will not inappropriately exert his/her influence on the coachee. The purpose of coaching is to develop the coachee’s autonomy. The coach will refrain from deciding or acting for the coachee. The coach will make sure that the initial agreed upon framework is respected throughout the sessions.

Withdrawal from the coaching relationship

If the coach finds that the indispensable alliance - the essential trusting relationship necessary between coach and coachee - with the coachee has not been established, he/she will discuss this with the coachee or the institutional representative. The coaching relationship may also be interrupted if the coach finds that the conditions for achieving the targeted goals are not met. In all of the above cases, he/she will explain the reasons for withdrawing and suggest other options.