The team coach promotes collective thinking while maintaining the group’s autonomy, without interfering in their network of relationships, or taking control of the team nor interfering with the content of their work. With the help of the coach, it is the team’s responsibility to manage their learning, keeping at all times control of their operational goals, their processes and path.

The coach is the "creator and guardian of a safe space" allowing team members to learn to share and connect so as to give the best of themselves both individually and collectively. The coach accompanies their development and serves as both a witness and a mirror. He/she helps them think strategically by opening up the debate, by adding other options and perspectives. He/she asks questions that allow the team to:

  1. Découvrir ses croyances collectives auto-confirmantes,
  2. Edit their collective reference frameworks that limit the success and development of the team
  3. Question strategies and collective, inefficient behaviors
  4. Develop the assets of the team, to strengthen and multiply the processes that work,
  5. Monitor and measure medium and long-term collective development.


Apart from emergency actions, team coaching takes time and should take place over a period of at least 12 months or more for a sustainable development of the team in its environment. The coaching of a team focused on implementing a cultural transformation of their management can be a process that could span several years.


BRAIN BOOSTER coaches and consultants are bound by an obligation of appropriate means (advice, methodology and logistics) to achieve the targeted goals. For each coaching, which is necessarily always customized, a specific contract will be agreed upon specifying the particular context, the main areas of work and goals. These will be developed together, with company when starting the coaching process. Achievement of these goals will be measured at the end of contract.