BRAIN BOOSTER’s professional team coaching aims to develop the performance and the "collective intelligence" of a team on an ongoing basis.

Professional team coaching is solutions and results oriented. Specific operational and financial indicators that are defined with the team measure the success of the coaching.

The team members will experience their team as both a vehicle for exceptional performance as well as a crucible for individual and collective development.

Professional team coaching is focused on the implementation and coaching for the cultural transformation of the management of an organization.

Professional team coaching is not "team building". Team building is focused on increasing collective motivation and is generally limited to a one time action (seminar, workshop).

Professional team coaching is also an activity such as "team cohesion”. Such activities are in fact focused on the development of good relationships between its members. One should also be aware that a team that always agrees and gets along with no tensions may sometimes be a reflection of complacent avoidance, mainly used to maintain a comfortable feeling of a well knit clan and which can promote the emergence of underlying and destructive" emotional viruses ".

Professional team coaching is part of the overall goal of a "learning organization". Indeed, team coaching introduces various roles that will be learned by a powerful team. Thanks to the rotating rule of roles (each member must assume different roles as the coaching progresses), members of the team learn and experience these roles. This learning is very useful to them in all the situations in which they have to take on a leadership role as well as being team member. Assuming that this BRAIN BOOSTER process of team coaching is implemented in the vast majority of meetings within the company, it is the culture of the whole company, which will gradually be modified.