A first appointment with the coachee will enable each party to check that there is a mutual willingness to work together and to make an initial diagnosis of the stakes and goals of the coaching relationship. . Then a tripartite appointment with an institutional representative of the company is organized (N +1, HR, Training, or other). This meeting aims to:

  1. Share and clarify the goals of the coaching mission. The coach must validate both levels of the request: the one expressed by the company, and the one expressed by the coachee, and ensuring
  2. Define the progress indicators that will evaluate the coaching process. These observable results are those that the coachee has created, developed, implemented etc. to achieve his/her goals as well as the performance indicators of the company (eg saving time on the implementation of a project, restructuring a team to improve operations, implementing a process to optimize efficiency, better manage conflicts, positive confrontation, etc)

This summary report is the basis of the coaching process.

At the request of the institutional representative , of the coachee or of the coach, an interim progress meeting between the beginning and end of the sessions can be held with all three parties.

The coaching

The coach provides a customized approach to achieve the defined goals and place the coachee in a momentum of progress and performance in the practice of his /her profession. The work is carried out with the constant goal of increased autonomy (empowerment) for the client.

The coaching process takes place over a contractually defined period depending on the nature of the request.

During the sessions, professional situations presented by the coachee help to develop analysis, work scenarios and open the range of options. In other words this allows the coachee to consider a range of assumptions about a given problem and allows him/her to implement the most appropriate decision, the best action plan etc.

The coach may also provide insights and theoretical contributions. Between sessions, the coachee will continue to use the session learnings by implementing behaviors and actions that will allow him/her to reach the targeted goals.


The coaching process ends with a tripartite meeting (institutional representative - coachee – coach). The goal of this meeting is:

  1. To hear a summary report of the coaching process, written and delivered by the coachee
  2. To hear useful recommendations for the sustainability of the learning during the coaching process