Brain Booster was founded by Suzanne Peters in Paris and for the past 13 years, we have been serving international organizations throughout the world. We have a strong experience in bridging cultures and leveraging multi dimensional cooperation, especially between Europe and North America. To meet the growing needs of our clients, we have crossed the Atlantic and opened a Brain Booster office in New York.

What we do

We bridge cultures and diversity to leverage collective effectiveness and sustainable results
In a highly competitive, ever changing world and complex environment facing increased complexity including the challenge of matrix overseas organizations, we deliver value to our clients through Organizational and Leadership Developement, Executive Coaching.
  1. We focus on helping our clients shaping successful strategies anchored in the reality of their corporate culture, ressources and business.
  2. We unleash undetected potential, foster creative leadership and collective intelligence through human connectiveness and behavioural change
  3. We help organizations enhance their strengths and keys to success and to develop the changes leading to effectiveness and breakthrough

Our focus

Understand and integrate your strategic and operational challenges to enable the human and organizational transformations required in order to adapt and anticipate the ongoing evolution of the internal and external environment

Give meaning to crisis and major changes that confront people and businesses, transform them in opportunities and consider them as learning accelerators.

Leverage all diversities (corporate culture, nationalities, gender, background etc.) to grow talents, foster creativity and improve performance

Our clients

We work with international businesses, leaders in their markets in multiple sectors : industry, banking , luxury goods , services, media, etc.
A winning partnership.
We co-design and develop our programs with you. We transfer our skills to increase your autonomy and implement lasting changes

A international team

To serve you on both sides of the Atlantic, we are located in Paris and New York

Suzanne PETERS founder of BRAIN BOOSTER
is surrounded by an international team of senior coaches and consultants to better serve its customers:

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