English Supervision Group 2011

Suzanne PETERS
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This supervision group is designed for professional coaches, working in English in their daily practice

Supervision is an essential part of our continuous professional development

  1. By reflecting regularly on our practice, our coaching becomes more skillful, masterful and we broaden our capacity to help our clients achieve their professional and personal goals
  2. It also is a privileged time for self reflexion, a clear space to give ourselves permission to step out of our comfort zone in order to dare  new questions, exploration and experimentation

This group will create a monthly opportunity to:

Develop your coaching skills, presence and individual talent through reflexion and exploration of your work with your clients. In this exploration you will reflect on your coaching and its impact:

  1. Understand the client differently
  2. Increase the awareness of your own reactions and responses to the client
  3. Understand the dynamic of the client / coach interactions
  4. Examine how you intervene and the consequences
  5. Explore other ways of coaching
  6. Draw learnings from the coaching conversations that will take place in the group

Provide a safety net for your client, the organization and yourself

Generate personal insights and discover the best way to meet coaching objectives

You are a professional coach…

  1. You have a low energy level after a coaching session
  2. You are stuck with a client
  3. You have questions regarding professional coaching ethics
  4. You want to work on individual, team or organizational coaching issues you encounter
  5. You have questions about your practice
  6. You want to get prepared for ICF accreditation

…Everything you always wanted to know about coaching but were afraid to ask …

This supervision group is a place for experimentation and ongoing learning

  1. The group will collectively establish its ground rules. This common frame intends to protect each and all participant in order to unleash individual and collective potential
  2. The supervision group works from cases or issues brought up by participants